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Circhubs is a network of six circular economy hubs located in six major city regions in Finland. The network includes Ekomo in Helsinki metropolitan area, Topinpuisto in Turku, Kolmenkulma & Taraste & Hiedanranta in Tampere area and Ruskonniitty in Oulu. Each hub is regionally crucial site where significant material flows and expertise meet.

Development of the hubs is coordinated by regional waste management companies and business developers. Coordinators work together towards common goals. The main goal is to provide possibilities to companies to start new businesses and try out innovations based on circular economy. The Circhubs network offers insight to and experience in e.g circular economy concepts, functional municipal waste management, cleantech, various R&D projects, visitor activities and efficient public-private cooperation.

Hubs are platforms where ideas are shared openly and efficiently. Network supports the development of strengths of each circular economy hub and deepens the cooperation between city regions involved.
Cooperation is implemented through Circhubs-project which is a collaboration project of the six biggest cities in Finland funded by European regional development fund (code A72829).

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