Building the circular economy

6Aika: Future circular economy hubs in Finland (CircHubs) is at your service when you want to be part of the breakthrough of the circular economy. We want to support the increase of business relating to the circular economy, foster the creation of new partnerships, and strengthen cooperation. Get to know us and join our network!

Where do we operate?

CircHubs operates nationally – see further information about localities and centres.

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What we do?

Read more of the networks’ studies, pilots and workshops

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You’ll be able to find some of our current news here, as well as information about past and forthcoming international events.

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Cooperation boosts efficiency in business area climate work

12.01.2022 | Text: Anna Tommola / Noon Kollektiivi, translated by Lingsoft Language Services Oy, edited by Iris Kriikkula
As part of the 6Aika – Six Cities Strategy, ILPO project supports cities in reaching…
News Circular economic centers

The climate path leads towards concrete emissions reductions and climate actions

A climate path will be developed for Topinpuisto circular economy hub in Turku with the…
News Circular economic centers

Welcome to the inspiring world of co-development

In Circhubs-project a model for RDI-activities was created for the circular economy hubs. The model…
News Circular economic centers

Circular Economy Business Opportunities in Tampere Region

This video presents business opportunities that Tampere Region offers in circular economy, renewable energy and…

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