A climate path will be developed for Topinpuisto circular economy hub in Turku with the goal of finding new, lower-emission and carbon-binding solutions together with the area’s companies. The work will be done with consulting company AFRY Finland during the spring.

The goal of the ‘6Aika: ILPO – Climate Positive Business Parks and Value Chains’ project is to help companies find new, lower-emission and carbon-binding solutions and co-operation models. One of the ways to achieve these goals is charting a climate path. The purpose of the path is to identify the emission sources and carbon sinks of the business hub, as well as means of reducing emissions.

In the project, a climate path will be charted for Topinpuisto circular economy hub in Turku, which currently houses five companies from the waste and environmental management sector.  Co-operation in the area is based on utilising material, water and energy flows and developing services.

To facilitate and implement the work, AFRY Finland Oy was selected via a call for tenders.

“Our experts are working extensively on projects related to the climate and circular economy in various industries. In the ILPO project, they get to use their strengths regarding the combination of environmental, technical and business-related expertise. The goal of the work is to identify actions that can promote climate positivity in Topinpuisto at a practical level, in co-operation with the companies,” says Account Manager Minna Tontti from AFRY.

The work will start in spring 2021 with the surveying of the companies’ starting points and their climate goals. During the process, solutions that support more sustainable business will be sought with the companies, through workshops and coaching sessions offered to them. The emissions reduction goals and solutions will be compiled into a climate path that will function as an action plan towards a climate-positive business hub. 

“The City of Turku’s goal is to be carbon-neutral by 2029, and climate-positive thereafter, meaning that the goal is to bind more emissions than are being produced. The climate path is a model through which a business park or a group of companies can contribute to carbon-neutral Turku, while also gaining a competitive edge from resource-efficient solutions. During the work on the climate path, we aim to identify and start climate actions that are easy to implement,” says Outi Laikko from the City of Turku.

The work on the climate path will be a part of the model for climate-positive business parks, to be published at the end of the project. The model will include a compilation of the best practices implemented during the project, such as area-specific or company-specific pilot projects, emissions reduction and carbon-binding measures, other development measures, and experiences gained from the climate path process.  The model for a climate-positive business park can also be used by other business parks interested the promotion of sustainable business.

The ‘6Aika: ILPO – Climate Positive Business Parks and Value Chains’ project receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the project implementers and the State of Finland.

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