Pitkäsaarenkatu 7
20380 Turku


The Topinpuisto circular economy centre is built around the Topinoja waste management centre on the Turku ring road. Topinpuisto is a meeting place for environmental sector know-how and the region’s most significant material flows. The environmental sector businesses that are working in the area receive and process altogether over sixty different industrial, commercial, and residential material flows, and these businesses develop value chains for these materials together. Topinpuisto is also a network of numerous experts, linking the region to national and international collaboration. A flexible operating environment and strong cooperation network make Topinpuisto an attractive target for investments, businesses, and residents.

Pitkäsaarenkatu 7
20380 Turku

Sini Ilmonen

Kiertotalousasiantuntija / Circular economy specialist
040 867 0139

Miia Jylhä

Tutkimus- ja kehitysvastaava / R&D team leader
020 728 2114

Tuomas Alijoki

Viestintäasiantuntija / Communications specialist
040 867 0195

Jyri Metsänranta

Käyttöpäällikkö / Operations manager
02 727 6850

Lassi Leinonen