Metsäjaanu is an evolving business area with excellent transport connections: the centre of Salo and the Turku-Helsinki motorway can be reached in slightly over five minutes. The area lies close to main road no. 52, which provides Metsäjaanu with smooth access towards Hanko in the south. The 100-hectare area, including the Korvenmäki area of Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto, forms a cluster consisting of 10 companies and almost 100 employees.

Metsäjaanu will become a specialised business environment for environmental, recycling and energy production businesses, and the companies using their services. The area is particularly suitable for operations producing high volumes of recyclable secondary flows. A new eco power plant will be located in Korvenmäki, to serve as the driver for developing the area. The area is also suitable for operations that cause an environmental nuisance.

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