Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) is a joint municipal authority that produces water supply and waste management services and provides information about the capital region and the environment. We help residents to make choices that lead to a better environment. Our basic task is to produce and organise high-quality water supply and waste management services and provide up-to-date regional information in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

Ilmalantori 1
00240 Helsinki

Tuomas Räsänen

Liiketoiminnan kehityspäällikkö / Business Development Manager
050 512 8840

Henna Teerihalme

Materiaalitehokkuusasiantuntija / Material Efficiency Expert
040 588 1262

Andrea Weckman

Kiertotalousasiantuntija / Circular Economy Specialist
045 636 6269

Nina Hurme

Projektikoordinaattori / Project Coordinator
050 520 3283

Anna-Maria Rajala

Projektikoordinaattori / Project Coordinator
050 573 0718