In the future, there will be homes for 25,000 residents and 10,000 jobs at Hiedanranta. Hiedanranta will be the attractive western centre of Tampere, where it is pleasant to live, work and spend leisure time. New ideas, experiments and urban culture flourish at Hiedanranta. Smart and sustainable solutions will facilitate the daily life of the residents. The future lakeside district will be located a convenient tramway ride away from the city centre.

The city district will be created together with residents, businesses and communities. Hiedanranta will be a platform for experiments and projects that promote smart and sustainable solutions and circular economy. Sectors of the development work include planning of the city district, smart & sustainable platforms and temporary Hiedanranta activities.

When completed, the city district of Hiedanranta will produce more resources than it consumes. In order to attain this ambitious objective, new solutions must be developed together. For businesses, Hiedanranta provides a place and an opportunity to test and develop services and solutions of a future city.

Lielahdenkatu 10-12
33400 Tampere

Tiina Sahakari

Projektipäällikkö, Hiedanrannan kehitysohjelma / Project Manager, Hiedanranta Development Program
044 423 5610

Reijo Väliharju

Hankekehitysjohtaja, Hiedanrannan kehitysohjelma / Project Development Manager, Hiedanranta Development Program
050 388 0901